Freediving in Reis Magos - beautiful white rocky platforms and black sand, but no fish

There was some wind and waves coming in Garajau beach, so i decided to freedive at Reis Magos beach, just 5km east, which is better protected from the south west wind and waves.

After some land stactic apneas of over 3 min. i went freediving arround 5 o'clock. The sea was almost flat and the sun smilling between the clouds.

I started my dives from the east side of the beach, then turning arround the articifial rock pool, going to the west side of the beach and then coming back to land through the center.

The water was clear and i could easily sea the bottom black sand at 14m.

There are spectacular cliff rocks straight to the bottom, just waiting for us to freedive down there and at the bottom there are extended white rocky plataforms that gives this place a special underwater landscape. However, i couldn't found almost any underwater fauna, just some "bodiões" - parrotfishes (Sparisoma cretense) near the shore and some "castanhetas amarelas" - damsel fishes (Chromis limbata) in deeper dives, it was like a desert!

Even without fish, this place is great for a relaxing freediving day, just dive down, lay back and enjoy the blue silence.

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