Project - Conquista Azul 2007

Freediving Resume:

*** National Record
** Regional Record
* Personal Record

This month I'll be occupied with a freediving record attempt project called "Conquista Azul" (Blue Quest), where i will try to beat the portuguese freediving record in the freediving discipline of Free Imersion (FIM).

To get the record i need to dive at least to 41m depth.

The previous record is held by Paulo Nóbrega from Azores with a depth of 40m obtained in June 2004, in Faial Island, Azores.

The record attempts are schedule between 15 and 24 of August in Madeira Island.

During this event, I will also make some marks in Constant Weight, in order to qualify for the Freediving World Championship, held in Sharm el Sheikh, in Egypt, between 23 of November and 3 of December 2007.

News will be updated on the website of the event:

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