ALISSE - Automatic Liftbag Safety System

I woke up tonight at 4am in wonderland with "ALISSE" in my mind.

Well, ALISSE is what I call an Automatic Liftbag Safety System that could be used while training freediving.

ALISSE is made of a couple of liftbags and bottles of compressed air with a configurable timer countdown.

We could set ALISSE timer to automatically inflate the liftbags after a predefined amount of time. (like Freediver Recovery Vest developed by Terry Maas).

After setting the timer on surface, we drop ALISSE along the rope until it reaches the bottom plate/weight.

Then we do our dive with the usual bodyline attached to the rope and after the predefined time elapsed ALISSE will come up and could bring us to surface in a case of need.

At surface, we just need to empty the liftbags and reset the timer for a new dive.

You can follow the discussion at DeeperBlue.

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