A tribute to Patrick Musimu

“For me time had stopped, I was living on pure sensations and could feel the increasing pressure on every inches of my body. At 40 meters Adam Sadek gave me the signal. I relaxed and could hear my heartbeat slowing down. My lungs were squeezed by the pressure, and still, I had no need to breathe”

"I found peace down there and feel blessed for what I have been able to experience deep inside of me. I hope that one day someone will have the pleasure to experience what I have lived down there."

"What sense is there in warranting these dives at the ends of the world in title? What is left to judge while, lost at these depths Man discovers something greater than himself?"

"We were told the earth was flat, it is not, we were told the earth was the centre of the Universe it is not, we were told the limits for the immersed human body was 50 m we’re now at 209.6 meters. So whatever the field: culture, science, sport… I encourage you to be the next to redefine the limits of human belief."

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