About Garajau Beach and Garajau Marine Reserve

The Garajau beach was remodelated and open to public on the 22 of April 2007.

This beach is situated in the center of a marine reserve called "Reserva Natural Parcial do Garajau" that was created in 1986 at Madeira Island. This was the first exclusive marine reserve in Portugal.

It is well known by scuba-divers as the perfect place in Madeira Island to play with "Meros" - Dusky Groupers (Epinephelus marginatus) and sometimes to be in the presence of gracefull "Jamantas" - Manta-Rays (Manta birostris) or with some luck have an encounter with a rare mammal the "Lobo Marinho" - Mediterranean Monk Seal (Monachus monachus).

The water is clear and the visibility is arround 20m all year round, in good days it can reach 35m. The bottom of the sea is rocky until a depth of about 22m, after that is black sand and worn outshells.

It is forbidden to spearfishing and scubadivers have to pay a tax to dive here, so it is a excellent spot for freediving 8).

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