Freediving in Garajau Natural Reserve - just silence

This time i went alone to Garajau beach, since my seabubble honey will be away for a while (but deep in my heart).

I arrive early in the morning, about 10 o'clock, the right time to catch the first air-tram.

With a clear blue sky and a flat ocean, i was inspired for a relaxing dive.

But first and because the tide was very low, i decided to go for a walk arround Garajau Cliff. This path near sea level, has beautiful scenery, but is also very slippery in some parts.

After the walk i put my wetsuit and went freediving, this time i chosed to enter the sea through some stairs in the left side of the beach, avoiding the "calhau"*.

Since the tide was still low I jumped into the water, after the first splash came a definitive silence, absolut and the rest of the dives were fantastic 8).

I was very relaxed and it seems as if i was not wasting any energy, just finning calmly to the bottom and back.

Through a series of dives I went straight to the yellow buoy, a well known visual entry point for scubadivers and hoped to see the big Mero (Epinephelus marginatus), but not this time, just a lot of fish, but no Mero. Even though, i was performing some good apneas.

In one of the dives i went to a bottom rock arround 18 meters, it seems it was forever, the sun shining in, the fishes were going by, no need to breath, just staying there... then floating back to surface, it has only pasted one and a half minute underwater.

Going back to the starting point was easy, because there was a little current to the east. At the end of the dive, i watch some interesting drops of water in the ocean floor, but a closer look reveal to me that it was simply some brilliant really thiny fishes.

* calhau - small round stones in a beach

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