Freediving with a small ray in Garajau - so close

This sunday i arrived a little bit late at Garajau beach it was almost 12 o'clock.

The sun was shining and the ocean was quiet.

Before diving i meet some members of Madeira Natural Park called "vigilantes", with whom i spoke about. They will have an office there to promote and help to preserve the marine wild life found in the Garajau Marine Reserve. I share with them that i am thinking developing a program for people discover freediving.

This time the tide was high and i could easily enter the sea through the stairs and put my wetsuit in the water.

It was a good idea to bring my personal yellow buoy to sign where i am diving, cause some times there could be silent cayakes over there without notice.

Today i felt more tired then the previous weekend, probably because i start running during the week and i wasn't so relaxed.

The dives started well, i made some dives along the shore and spot a small ray moving at the bottom and follow her a bit. Then, when she turn back it was the perfect time to descend, at about 14meters, i freedive very close to her, for some moments i could see perfectly her eyes glancing to me 8).

After that I went to the yellow buoy. The first dive was the deepest to 22m, equalization was ok, but i felt a little bit tired, i stood up on the bottom sand and was amazed with all the fish coming by, but no Mero (Epinephelus marginatus)!

In another dive i though i saw a Mero, but it really was only the small ray looking arround.

I did some more dives, but i really was not getting out any joy of it and even started to cough as i was heading back to land.

Already in land, I cough some more and felt a scratch in my throat. I think this situation was due a bit of stress i was felling during the dives. But my throat will recover well.

What i also notice was that there no current at all, but probably only slightly towards west.

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