About Lido Islet and Funchal Marine Eco-Park

Lido islet is a rock formation coming out from a depth of 15m in the center of a marine eco-park called "Eco-Parque Marinho do Funchal", which pretends to be a sea protected area at south of Funchal city.

Lido islet is arround 130m to 200m from shore and accessible through swimming from Lido beach or Gorgulho beach, respectively.

Arround the islet and underwater you can find a lot of fish, like 1 or 2 trumpetfish (Fistularia petimba), a group of "charuteiros" (Seriola lalandi), hundreds of "dobradas" (Oblada melanura) or thousands of sardines (Sardina pilchardus). With luck you can find a eagle-ray (Myliobatis aquila) passing by.

The bottom arround Lido islet is made of black sand and usually visible from surface.

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