Freediving in Lido islet - amazed with so many fish

It was already 7 p.m. when i arrived at Lido, after a day of work and with the sun shining in, i didn't hesitated to put my head underwater.

I decided to enter the sea through Gorgulho beach, because Lido Beach was already closed and better, its free.

The tide was low and the sea was quite quiet.

I swim directly to Lido Beach for my first long freedive. I wanted to see how far i could go from there to Lido islet, it seem like 130m. After some breathing preparation i dive in from a rock, but without a guide line to show me the way to the islet i was on my own through a black bottom sand. As i discover when i came up, 42 dolphin fins after, the current had me push east and i didn't reached even half the way.

Well to get to Lido islet and to recover from the previous dive i swim backwards for a couple of minutes.

When i get there and look down, i could see some activitie underwater so i decided to make some freedives here before i get back.

The first dive i encounter a bunch of "charuteiros" (Seriola lalandi). I really like these guys, they are very curious and approched me without fear, making a half circle arround me.

The second and third dive i was really amazed with the hundreds of "dobradas" (Oblada melanura) below me, i dive for about 9m and the seascape was set, the sunset sparkling mixed underwater and the fishes swiming arround, i was reseted 8).

After that i decided to go back and make another try, this time the way arround to see how far i could go from there (Lido islet) to the Lido beach. This time things went better, after 32 dolphin fins and 50 seconds i break surface and found out i was in the middle of the total distance. I supposed if i make 64 dolphin fins in one minute fourty i could cover all the distance, but before that i need some more traning.

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