Freediving Video: BLUE-Freediver 2008

(Video: Duarte Alves)

This video was made from one of the freediving courses that i held in Madeira Island this summer. Special thanks to Duarte Alves for filming and editing.

The freediving spot is within Garajau Natural Marine Reserve, one of the best freediving spots in Madeira Island, with clear blue water visibility.

Comments from BLUE-Freedivers:

"I have much more knowledge of relaxation, prevention and safety, thoracic breathing and stretching. These are very important to improve my performances in diving."

"I just wanted to say I was very pleased with the progress, and that my expectations were exceeded. It's very nice to be in a place as Garajau Reserve and learn from someone with so much experience in freediving. "

"For me the best moment was when touched on the plate."

"The course has many important moments, like learning how to breathe, to relax, to stretch out the body, to properly duck dive, but for me the best moment was achieving the bottom in a relaxed and secure way."

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