World Oceans Day - Celebrate by not eating fish

Ocean Alliance: Past, Present and Future

Well, this is a provocative title, but I couldn't pass this day without saying something about how we can contribute to Preserve Our Oceans just by eating less fish, or better, by quit eating them for good, for two big reasons:

  1. Increasing levels of toxic waste are getting higher on seafood like heavy metals such as mercury*
  2. Overfishing and other human activities are causing a boom on jellyfish**

So meditate about it, what do you want your future to be?

  1. Lying in bed with some neuro-disease and watching tv reports on giant jellyfish taking over the world?
  2. Enjoying a dive on cristal blue ocean water?

Well, probably the future will be in between the two scenarios above, but we can take a step further if we want to live and dive on a better world.

Healthy Home: Mercury in Fish

A Guide for Seafood Eaters

* - U.S. Geological Survey and Harvard University
** - CSIRO Marine & Atmospheric Research

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